Writing Centre Summer 2019 Openings

Only some of the University’s writing centres are open during the summer months.

  • The following downtown college writing centres will be open during the summer: New College Writing Centre, the Innis College Writing Centre, the St. Michael’s College Writing Centre, the University College Writing Centre, the Victoria College Writing Centre, and the Woodsworth College Academic Writing Centre. Undergraduate students taking courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science on the St George campus can book up to two appointments a week across these six centres. (This includes UTM and UTSC students, though only for work in St. George campus courses).
  • Students can book at most of the writing centres in professional faculties: The Health Sciences Writing Centre is open to students of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Kinesiology and Physical Education, and Social Work until mid-July. The Engineering Communication Program offers appointments for in-person and online tutoring sessions during both summer terms. The OISE Student Success Centre will be open for limited appointment hours. The Daniels Writing Centre will be closed May 1-Sept. 6, but students may contact writing@daniels.utoronto.ca regarding a limited number of appointments during the summer sessions.
  • The Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre and the U of T at Scarborough Writing Centre will both be open in the summer. Find out more about the writing centres at UTM and UTSC.
  • The writing centre for graduate students, the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication will be open May, June, and August.

You may book an appointment either by visiting the writing centre home page in your college or faculty or simply by visiting the common online booking system. Just follow the instructions on the welcome page. You will find links taking you to all centres that you are eligible to use.