Fair-Use Policy: Terms and Conditions

The website Writing at the University of Toronto is intended to serve both the University of Toronto and the larger community. We encourage you to make ample use of our resources, within the limits set out below.

Please do not write to ask for permission. Simply follow the guidelines.

Linking to this Site

All websites may link to pages on this site, with the exception of commercial essay writing services that proof-read student essays or produce sample essays at a fee.

Printing PDF Files

Students, teachers, and writers are welcome to print PDF versions of our advice files, when provided. Teachers from outside the University of Toronto may print up to 300 copies of a PDF file for use in any course. University of Toronto professors may print any number of copies for use in their U of T courses.

If you plan to distribute copies of material printed directly from the HTML version, be sure to include any credits at the top or bottom of the page. Note that the PDF files are not always identical to the HTML files. The PDF files have sometimes been condensed to fit compactly onto one or two pages.

Teachers may charge students a fee only to recover the cost of printing.

To read and print PDF files, you may need to install Adobe Reader on your computer. You may download it for free from the web.

Adapting Material from this Site

Teachers may adapt material from our advice files in their printed handouts, provided they do so accurately and acknowledge their use of our material.

Teachers may not, however, adapt material as part of a web page, though they may quote or paraphrase passages as long as they provide an appropriate reference.

Acknowledgments or references should cite

  1. any authors listed at the top of our page, including university affiliation (e.g., Health Sciences Writing Centre) and name of institution (University of Toronto)
  2. our website (either by name or by URL)

As with all legitimate uses of our site, permission is not required.

Trading Links

This website does not accept offers from other sites to “trade” links. You may link to our site within the conditions provided above, but we will not answer requests that we link to your site in exchange for a link to our site on yours.

Commercial Use of this Site

Commercial sites with the exception of essay-writing services are welcome to link to our site. No other commercial use of this site is permitted. No sites may sell access to material on our site. Nor may they

  1. represent any material on our site as their own
  2. mirror our site
  3. include pages from our site as part of a frame.