Site Credits

Rachael Cayley, associate professor, teaching stream, at the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication at the School of Graduate Studies, is the current webmaster of this site.

Margaret Procter, in her role as coordinator of Writing Support at U of T, created the site in 1996 and was responsible for most of its original content.

Jerry Plotnick, director of the University College Writing Centre, served as webmaster from 1999 to 2017. He oversaw the expansion of the Advice pages, as well as the 2017 redesign.

Laura Vanderkraan at U of T’s webservices provided essential support during the redesign of the site and the migration to WordPress. Asier Ugarteche provided assistance throughout  the migration.

Key decisions about content and design are made by an advisory committee of faculty members representing the University of Toronto’s fourteen writing centres. Current membership: Rachael Cayley (chair, GCAC), Patricia Golubev (Trinity College), Deborah Knott (New College), Elaine Khoo (UTSC), Jerry Plotnick (University College), Margaret Procter (U of T writing coordinator, retired).